Angry Birds Journey Game Free Download For Android & IOS

Angry Birds Journey," the popular mobile video game, will entertain you for free. In this game, you have to target piggies and topple their towers.
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11 March 2024
Android 5+
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“Angry Birds Journey,” the popular mobile video game, will entertain you for free. In this game, you have to target piggies and topple their towers. Moreover, you can rescue the Hatchling in Angry Bird Journey. The game allows you to play many tasty levels and events.

Furthermore, You have to complete new puzzles with the available birds. To keep the birds safe, aim perfectly and hit the towers to topple them. The Angry Birds game will award you with season and event tokens when you complete the levels. Enjoy the bird journey with these features and more.

Additionally, Angry Birds 1 and 2 is an online game platform where you can enjoy its simple interface and engaging levels. Here, you can access all the features and rewards for free. We recommend you download this app to play the bird game and excite yourself with the bird music and cartoon graphics.

Moreover, The game’s music will give you the feeling of real-life nature. When you play the game with hands-free, you will actually feel the real sound of beautiful birds, giving you the sensation that the birds are around you.

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Moreover, when you launch the game on your device, it will show an interface with settings + inbox button, level number + playing button, level score bar, sun chest line, lives, and coins. This simple display will bring you real joy during your free day.


An online game that is popular worldwide nowadays, we are discussing a game with millions of downloads, loved by users for its easy use and user-friendliness. This game allows you to customize the avatar bird, give it a name, play levels and events, and win rewards. Play the game better to earn suns, and by collecting suns, you can get sun chests. More suns will give you coins, boosters, and unlimited lives.

Moreover, name your bird avatar, but for security reasons, you don’t have to use the real name. You can select the unlocked image avatar and set notifications from the settings. You can turn on/off the music, sound, and screen rotation. Manage your credits here, and it also provides online support. Additionally, these settings allow you to erase the data.

This online Angry Birds game is free to download and has no formalities like a username, password, or any other information needed. Just get the app, launch it, play the game, and have fun. Also, Download the Pigs online Game.

Main Features

This game contains a lot of features; we are pointing out some features below that will enrich the game worldwide.

  • Angry Birds Journey download for free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sound and music within the game.
  • No restrictions or formalities.
  • Fewer ads.
  • Various levels and series to play.
  • Suns contain coins, boosters, and unlimited lives.
  • Online play.
  • Customize the avatar bird and give it a name.
  • Bombs to attack towers.
  • Unlimited rewards.
  • User-friendly game.
  • Cartoon graphics and more.

Strategies to play the Angry Birds Journey Card game

  • Pull back and release to launch your bird and aim along the red line.
  • Target piggies or topple their towers to steam them.
  • Use special powers of all birds that activate on impact.
  • Beat levels to collect tokens and progress in the journey.
  • Complete each step of the journey for amazing rewards and prizes.
  • Win the journey to discover the next exciting location and new play.
  • Win rewards like bombs by playing game levels; try blasting blocks in every direction.
  • In level 6th, pull back the bird to adjust the aim level.
  • In level 7th, break bolted blocks to bring down structures; they support.
  • After the ancient rains journey, play the journey to rocky canyons; claim all your rewards before going on this journey.
  • In silver darts down on impact, aim for the top of blocks.
  • Cages will break when they hit the ground; free the hatchling trapped inside.
  • Find extra birds in mystery blocks.
  • After every journey, claim all your rewards and collect them.
  • After completing the 15th level of Angry Birds 2, fill the anger meter to receive a more powerful anger bird and break the blocks.
  • In Angry Birds 1, charge the anger meter; it is like a bomb and breaks a bundle of blocks in one go.


Angry Birds Journey is all about birds and piggies online game. This game will engage you for miles with non-stop levels. This game contains many features; you can customize the avatar bird, rewards, coins, lives, and bombs to attack the towers of the piggies. Additionally, you also have to win the suns that will give you all these plays. So get the app now, play the game with your skill, and get excited to kill your free time.

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