Kipas Guys APK (Latest) Free Download For Android 2024

Kipas Guys APK is a game where users get more facilities and features without any payment or for free. This Kipas Guys 0.68 lets you enjoy different competitions and challenges to compete.
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16 March 2024
Android 5+
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Kipas Guys APK is a game where users can get more facilities and features without any payment. This APK lets you enjoy different competitions and challenges to compete.

This game is based on the TV show “Takeshi’s Castle.” This game is very easy to play, and it offers a smooth gaming experience where you can battle within a room of 32 players. Among these players, you have to stay safe from obstacles and conquer the challenges for your enjoyment.

Furthermore, you can engage in multiplayer battles, racing against others for victory. If you reach the ending point, you will be the game-winner and can earn gems. Moreover, you can also obtain stumble tokens from bonuses in some purchases. The game also offers stumble tokens from duplicate skins.

There are customization options available for your character player. You can customize the player’s name first, and then you can randomly change the player’s appearance, which adds more interest. Additionally, this game is light to use, and the graphics and low-pitched sound provide a great taste of “Kipas Guys.kipas guys playing image

“Kipas Guys” APK is an APP game where you can easily play all the challenges to earn gems and stumble passes. To win the last battle, you need to be quick and sharp in tackling the challenges. “Stumble Guys” is also a realistic animation game.

Kipas Guys APK 0.68 Review

The “Kipas Guys APK” is a free downloading app for Android devices. This app allows all users to enjoy the game without any restrictions, regardless of age. Indeed, this mini cartoon-style game is currently one of the top games being played.

“Kipasguys 0.68” is also a “Don’t Fall” battle game where you have to keep your character safe until the end of the battle to win rewards and gems, which are helpful for unlocking moods.

Furthermore, you can play this game easily. You have to complete all the challenges, such as dodging obstacles, running, and immersing yourself in its world, and much more.

Additionally, if you reach the endpoint of the round, you will be able to play the next round. If you are still behind the ending line when the time runs out, you will be eliminated from the round and won’t be able to play the next one. However, you can choose to follow the player who is still alive and playing the game, or you can leave the round.

 Kipa Guys  APK (Irgi terbik) Android Rounds

This game offers many rounds that are very funny and exciting. Each room contains 32 players with an estimated wait time of 15 seconds. The rounds will start in 15 seconds with the players who join the room during this period. Furthermore, you can also chat during the rounds.

Here are some rooms below, and each room lets you experience new graphics and challenges:

  • Block Dash
  • Over and Under
  • Jungle Roll
  • Humble Stumble
  • Lost Temple
  • Bot Bash
  • Cannon Climb
  • Honey Drop
  • Super Slide
  • Lava Land
  • Icy Heights
  • Paint Splash
  • Pivot Push
  • Different Obstacles
  • Sliding on the Water
  • Racing with Opponents
  • Don’t Fall Challenges

These multiplayer rounds provide excitement and fun, so get it now and enjoy this stunning game.

Key Features Kipas Guys01 (Stumble Guys) 67

This game offers many features to its users. Furthermore, it’s an entertaining online multiplayer game that you can play with 32 other players. The speed and smoothness of this game are excellent, allowing you to play different rounds one after another by winning each round. Every round contains multiple players, and the graphics for each round are unique. This game is rich in its smoothness and graphics.

Furthermore, this game offers customization options. You can enhance the appearance of your in-game character by making purchases with real money or by using gems and earned awards. Moreover, you can make changes to various elements such as caps, clothing, gloves, hairstyles, and skin, among others.

It’s easy to download, install, and use, making it suitable for all age groups without any restrictions. Additionally, there are no ads in this app to disturb your experience. Furthermore, there is an option for free lucky spins.


In conclusion, there are no charges or fees; it’s completely free to download. It’s a multiplayer mini-online video game that can provide you with more excitement and fun. The smoothness and graphics of this game are enjoyable, and you should give it a try in your free time.

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